5 Ways to Create a Cozy"Hygge" Holiday!

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish concept that describes a cozy and happy lifestyle. Related to the word “hug”, hygge is the practice of purposefully cultivating contentment and embracing life's small pleasures. It is the pursuit of a feeling or moment that is cozy, charming and special, and the enjoyment of homespun pleasures such as candlelight, fires, fuzzy socks, comfort foods, warm beverages, and your favorite people.

With our pre-holiday to-do lists growing ever longer, and lots of not so good news filling the airwaves, who wouldn't benefit from a little bit of cozy contentment this holiday season? I’ve created a list of five easy ways to add a little hygge into your home this holiday season. I've also created a fun list of hygge-ready gift ideas on amazon.com. You'll find the link at the bottom of this page!

Here are 5 fun, easy ways you can hygge your holidays!

1. Textiles and Texture

Soft, hand-made, chunky knits. Curl up with a chunky knitted throw, rest on a furry pillow, or pull on a favorite, comfy sweater. Place a soft, furry rug next to your bed and its warm softness will be first thing your feet feel when you step out of bed in the morning. Or, cozy up to this super soft, spongy wool rug that looks like pebbles! You can find it at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/240864079/felt-stone-rug-bath-mat-super-soft-with

2. Plants

My favorite “hygge” style plants are little succulents and air plants. They need very little water and can grow almost anywhere with little or no soil. That makes them perfect for unique “hygge” ready containers, such as sea shells, felted wool bowls and even tiny glass necklaces. Try placing them in groups of three to add a little coziness to utilitarian spots such as the kitchen, office desktop, or laundry room. I included some precious little ones planted inside sea urchin shells on my amazon.com gift list.

3. Nature

Wood in natural form, such as logs, branches, or twigs can really cozy things up. Stack up the firewood next to the hearth. Place some river rocks into a clear vase and add a small branch or a bundle of twigs. Set a couple of books and a candle on a rustic wood tray and place it on your coffee table or bed to evoke a feeling of rest and relaxation.

4. Lights

Consider keeping your little white lights up all year long. Strands of white lights create a fairy tale glow that’s sure to lift your spirits. Place them across the mantle, weave them through a plant, stuff them inside a glass vase or bottle (I recently discovered some adorable wine cork lights you can use to illuminate your empty wine bottles!). And don’t forget the most magical mood lighting of all – candle light! Keep pretty, candles near your favorite spot in your home, and light them often for a warm glow and some aromatherapy.

5. Food, Family and Friends

My sweet mother-in-law, Barbara, was Southern. She taught me that eating together was about more than just food. We spent many holidays in her home in Montgomery, and vacationed together in a beach house every summer. No matter how casual our meal plan was, we didn't sit down to dinner without lots of candlelight and a little bit of artful table decoration. It was never anything fancy. She often sent my outside to lop off a small branch, or to fill a container with sand and shells to place on the table among the white candles. But it always made the meal, and the guests, feel more special. Many great memories were made sharing stories at those lovely family dinners.

She was great at hygge, and you can be, too. Serve up some warm, easy to prepare comfort food and sit down to a candlelight dinner with your kids. See if the glow of candlelight helps the stress fade and the conversation flow. Place a collection of cheeses, along with some pretty grapes, on a wooden cutting board and serve them with warm bread you can pull apart by hand. Anything nostalgic, rustic, or aromatic. Bake some banana nut bread or chocolate chip cookies (Buy the frozen ones and pop them in the oven! it's the smell and the gooey goodness that counts!). Make a hot cocoa bar with little dishes filled with chocolate chips, marshmallows, cinnamon sticks or crushed peppermints.

Gift wrapping can be a pleasure rather than a chore if you gather some family or friends and have "wrap party". Light a fire and put on some of your favorite holiday music. Enjoy some hot cocoa, mulled wine and conversation while you wrap gifts, tie bows, and attach name tags. (You can always pre-wrap a few so prying eyes can't see the contents!)

I hope these hints help you and yours have a beautiful, cozy, happy, hygge filled holiday! Please share your hygge experiences with me!

Here is the link to my hygge gift ideas on amazon!



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