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Feb 24, 2023

Interior Design Tips: Luxury Home Bar Design

Bars for the home are becoming increasingly popular, from full-room bars to wet bar cabinets and multi-function spaces such as a home office home bar combination. You can turn any ordinary room or unused space into a bar for the home that’s simple, functional, and fun. A dedicated home bar room is an opportunity for relaxation and escapism. It’s a gathering place for friends and family to toast and chat, and can be an interesting design feature that complements the overall design of your home.

With the home bar ideas we outline below, you can create a bar that’s inviting, exciting, and downright intoxicating.

How much space do you need to set up a home bar?

Successful home bar locations can range from an entire room, to the corner of a room, to a small cabinet. Some homeowners even opt for a rolling bar cart. There’s really no space requirement, provided you have the design imagination to rise to the challenge. Basements are a popular place for a home bar, but here in North Texas, basements are hard to come by. When we work with clients to design their ideal home bar in North Texas, we often design them as a full room or built-in cabinet that was previously an unused space.

If you only have a small area for your bar, you can incorporate details such as hidden doors or mirrored panels that make it fit neatly into your room.

How much space do you need to set up a home bar?
How much space do you need to set up a home bar?
How much space do you need to set up a home bar?

How to decorate a home bar

A home bar is an opportunity to have fun and take creative decor risks that you wouldn’t normally take in your main living spaces. Start by finding design inspiration from photos of bars you love, such as modern hotel cocktail bars or speakeasy style whiskey lounges. Decorating your bar area is an opportunity to shake up your usual interior design choices. Even if your home is an oasis of serene neutrals and soft furnishings, your bar design can be unique and make more of a statement.

Step outside of your comfort zone 

Always wanted a rock and roll-themed home bar? Dreaming of a Parisian-style cafe? Your home bar is your chance to indulge those interior design fantasies and create an uplifting space that’s anything but ordinary. It’s an excellent place for quirky decor pieces or memorabilia you may not want to display throughout the rest of your home. If it makes you happy, it has a place in your home bar. This is your chance to explore and experiment! 

Embrace new and exciting colors

If your home is primarily decorated in neutral tones with muted blues, your bar would look great with a pop of an accent color such as rust, like the one we used in our Rustic Retreat project. Your bar should complement the space around it but still stand out as a destination all its own. If you’re planning a built-in wet bar with doors that close, you can choose a color that surprises and delights your guests. Imagine the “wow” when your tranquil, white-and-gray color scheme is punctuated by a jungle green with gold fixtures. In a home bar, you can showcase an unexpected side of your style and personality.

Focus on conversation 

A home bar design should be about comfort and conversation, so include ample seating and make sure the placement makes sense for entertaining. A dedicated room home bar will have plenty of seating for your friends and family, but if you have a wet bar that is part of another room, take furnishing placement into consideration. To take it one step further, if your bar will be permanently on display, consider including bar stools covered in luxe textures.

Make a statement 

Your home bar decor is the place to move out of your comfort zone  in a way you normally wouldn’t throughout the rest of your home. Think of it like a fringe jacket you wear only every once in a while - something that amps up your usual style. Trying different fixture finishes, like brass instead of nickel, helps set your bar apart from the rest of your home. You can also play with different textures such as velvet, or animal hide or incorporate mirrors, open bar shelving to display your bottles in a fun, unexpected way.

Home bar ideas and examples

Check out our design projects here, or browse below to see some of the home bars Gallagher Interiors has designed.

Rustic Retreat

This home bar boasts a well-stocked beer fridge, prep sink, and glassware display for optimum convenience. Barnwood-inspired finishes and simple open shelving add a modern rustic charm to this home bar:

Modern Speakeasy Whiskey Lounge

Comfort and style are effortlessly mixed in this whiskey lounge design. With a combination of moody, enveloping color, warm textures, and a pop of chartreuse, we achieved just the right balance of modern and classic for this client.

Nautical Home Bar

In this piece, we turned an entire room into a home bar. With rich wooden finishes and nautical elements, this home bar reads more like a luxurious captain’s quarters.

Create your home bar with Gallagher Interiors

At Gallagher Interiors, we know how to create an exhilarating home bar design. We’ll help you plan the layout and decoration details that will have your guests dizzy with delight (to say nothing of the cocktails!).

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